On the prairies of western canada, a special kind of white man grows.  Dumb, selfish, and racist. They call themselves: Conservatives,  Patriots, Real Canadians, Old Stock Canadians. But what they are is  pathetic. Pathetic, middle-aged white supremacists who could barely flex  200 in their “official convoy”.

Even now, Conservative leaders are threatening to separate from the  Canadian confederation. (No thought was given as to the fact that the  treaties cover land usage and that in event of dissolution, land would  revert to the First Nations covered under it.)

It’s dumb, and I hate it.

Alberta is saddled with stupid until 2024, Saskatchewan’s going to  elect white supremacists next year, and Rob Ford will continue to screw  up Ontario like Jim Spanfeller on ritalin.


Alberta elected the party of hate

The United Conservative Party campaigned on hate and screwing over workers. And Alberta gave them a majority government.

#UnitedWeRoll Rally: A Bad, No-Good Day for Dumb Dummies

from their neo-nazi speaker (Faith Goldy) to Scheer, to money troubles, this band of brave bumblers was doomed from the start.

#UnitedWeRoll Is About White Supremacy, Stupid

it's only about #buildthepipeline if you manage to look past all the  white supremacy, anti-semitism, violence, ethnocide, and imperialism.