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Wexit is a dumb, very bad, no-good idea for dumb dummies and white weirdos. It is so dumb that Alberta’s imported Premier Jason Kenney,(fresh from a failed Conservative leadership bid)  is threatening to separate from Canada like a toddler who doesn’t like  merely having 5 cookies to Newfoundland’s 3 cookies.

"What is Wexit?"
Wexit, in the conservative fevered mind, would consist of Alberta  forcing Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia to “exit” and join  the United States, a dysfunctional country that currently has Rob Ford’s  stupid second cousin in command. Never mind that Alberta is built  entirely on Treaty Land. Treaty Land that belongs to First Nations.

In this fevered hellscape, dumb Albertans think they would force a  pipeline to be built from Fort Mac to the port of Vancouver, over top unceded territory that belongs to 62 different nations who have valid land  claims. These chuckleheads think that it would “starve those uppity  Ontarioans” and they also believe dumb shit like that wacko conspiracy  theory which holds that Justin Trudeau is secretly Fidel Castro’s son.  (He isn’t. It would be metal AF, but no, he’s just an anodyne math  teacher who happens to be the son of Pierre Trudeau.)

By Canada location map.svg:derivative work: Yug (talk)Canada (geolocalisation).svg: STyxderivative work: Themightyquill (talk) - Canada location map.svg, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Yellow Pests Canada - The Dorks Behind Wexit
“Wexit” is a rebrand by Canada’s most prolific plagarizers, the “Yellow  Vests” of Canada. We’d write in-depth here about who these dorks are,  but we’ve done so on other platforms, and if you really need an  explainer, you should read the explainer from the Anti-Racist Network of Canada.

Suffice to say that the whole thing is stupid, one reader found us by  searching it, and now y’all know what today’s hot topics and searches  were.