A common sight: a jumper-wearing hipster posing as a journalist passes off oppressor's propaganda as fact. In the name of neutrality, the Centrist calls for "civility" - for the oppressed to be silent, castigating calls for justice as unruly and unsophisticated.

It's a phenomena as old as time. Even as white cops brutally attacked peaceful marchers at civil rights marches, white preachers called for "civility" and "unity" and "quietly waiting for a just time". In the 50s, somewhat popular white evangelical cult founder William Branham declared that Dr Martin Luther King Jr was "lead all those people to their deaths". The Centrist's voices and intentions were no different than those of the white supremacists they defended.

This week's prizes for Stupid Centrism go out to Timothy Egan, who wrote the following dumbass opinion piece for the New York Times

The Canadian prize this week goes to Jen Gerson, who wrote a hand-wringing piece for Macleans that completely whitewashed the white supremacists driving Wexit.

As we head into primary season, there will doubtless be many more dumbass centrists calling for us to ignore all the white supremacists, to cater to the feelings of white supremacists, to stop calling for justice, to stop pointing out systemic injustice.

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