Brilliant idea to launch your new, scab-staffed, terrible site the day after all sports got cancelled, Jim Rich.

The sad saga of the life, and death, and death, and death again of Deadspin has been running for the past six months – first, Jim "The Herb" Spanfeller bullied staff so much they walked out back in... October?, leaving behind one single writer to turn off the lights before they left too. Spanfeller then forced Spanfeller's best friend – Paul "The Vulture" Maidment – to act as the sole writer and editor of Deadspin (Maidment hired a writer, who quit the same day he announced his first and only post at the then truly dead Deadspin). Maidment burnt out too, leaving scarcely a week in.

g/ame o/ver: how Jim ‘Herb’ Spanfeller killed Deadspin -- THREE TIMES and counting IN ONE YEAR
James ‘Jim’ Spanfeller, is, undoubtably, a Herb; the wretched villain of a tale as old as time, the boogeyman parents warn their children about. He once was a man with high, high hopes for the living – but warped by proximity to power, he shed his name and chose to become the King of Herbs: Jim Span…

And so, for a while, Deadspin's corpse sat with some dignity.

Until, of course, Jim Spanfeller announced the hiring of his old friend Jim Rich (of Tronc infamy) as the new head of Deadspin. We all pointed and laughed; Rich hid behind sunglasses and cried as he pretended he was in on the joke. (His salary, which has not been disclosed, is rumored to be in the mid six figures.)

The Worst Relaunch In History

Jim Rich thought a stealth launch during March Madness would let him sneakily pass off his scab-staffed simulacra as the real deal. And he would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for a tricking little thing called COVID-19; the little blighter managed to catch the world snoozing, going from novel coronavirus upstart to a full fledged pandemic in the course of a month.

After Utah Jazz player Gobert tested positive for COVID-19, all sports were cancelled: The NBA announced suspension of season, followed by the NHL, and the MLB announced a long delay that may as well be a permanent suspension.

Three times, the site died.

A plague broke loose over the earth.

And still, Jim Rich persisted.

Chuck "Modi" Modiano, an otherwise decent fella who once fought armed nazi bullies at c-ville, announced that Modiano was joining Jim Rich at Three-Kids-Dressed-In-Deadspin's-Skin, promptly getting ratio'd by site readership. (as of time of writing, he is currently at 298 replies.)

The launch has been so disastrous, the site's infrastructure team has left the comments section turned off, lest readers remind each other that Jim Spanfeller, is in fact, a Herb. Deadspin site archives were removed from the site and verticals, leaving it a styled-but-contentless mess, populated by just six posts, one of which is Jim Rich's announcement of the stealth relaunch.

The unfortunate gang of scabs manning the botched relaunch are: Jim Rich, Chuck Modiano, Jesse Spector, Chris Baud, Carron J Phillops, Reed Tucker, and Andy Bagwell.

Modiano, Baud, Phillips, and Spector both worked under Jim Rich at NY Daily News. Hmm. Weird!