The Intellectual Dumbass Web of America (pronounced eye-oh-wah, abbreviated IDWA) is the proud heir to a long white American tradition of being complete and utterly irredeemable shitsacks. From governors to self-styled U channels on YouTube, the IDWA has massive institutional power and the willingness to use force to support it.

In the past four years we've seen Nazis in the street, Concentration camps erected, mass deportations of american citizens, a sharp increase in extremist attacks / shootings (all carried out by white supremacists, naturally). But do not mistake this for a recent phenomena: white supremacist ideals did not begin at Charlottesville, nor with the Confederate secession speech (that explicitly declared so); these attitudes go the entire way back to the creation of America as an assembly of states.

The network of white supremacists in America is one that reaches into the white house and bounds across the internet. From Fox personalities to elected officials to online "comedians", it is a widespread world of dumbasses draped in the thinnest of intellectual veneers. It ain't just your grandpas any more - now it's your favorite entertainers.

But even if any of those dorks disappeared, the systems these dorks built would not. The actions of the current crop of white supremacists and the actions of the white supremacists of yesteryear have deliberately deprived black folk of wealth, consigning black folk in America to the permanent under-class. (And when laws didn't deprive black folk enough, white people literally murdered entire thriving black towns.)

White supremacists also committed genocide against Indigenous peoples in America. White supremacists murdered Indigenous peoples by the thousands, forced them to march in the dead of winter with no supplies for thousands of miles, stole money specifically allocated for Indigenous peoples, and attempted to eradicate languages and culture.  

How the Republican Party Became The Party of Racism
Here’s a joke: What’s the difference between a Klan rally and a Republican Convention?

This is not an exhaustive list, nor an in-depth one. It is, however, an exhausting one to read and was a very exhausting one to write. Some may quibble at the designation of white supremacist being applied to individuals on the list. We invite those quibblers to eat our socks. If you support white supremacist institutions and policies, you are a white supremacist. And these profiled below have very definitely advanced white supremacist policies, propaganda, and support white supremacist institutions.

We'll start off with the recently imported white supremacist dork, Pewdiepie, whose popularity and platform would not be possible without the continued support of white supremacists at YouTube.

The Online / Alt-White Connection

Pewdiepie, an online entertainer and total dumbass, has gained notoriety in recent years for his part in a pipeline of radicalization that sounds as stupid as it is effective: first you start out spouting memes, and then by following the algorithm (or pewdie's channel guests) you start throwing alt-white hand signals, sieg heiling, and in extreme cases, taking up torches and marching in armbands.

The PewDiePipeline: how edgy humor leads to violence
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NonCompete's excellent video on this very topic
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FaradaySpeaks details their own online radicalization into the alt-reich

Pewdie serves as a funnel mouth that pulls in disaffected and dumbass white kids, and redirects their anger at an unjust system (Capital) to online and offline action at minorities and people advocating for the abolition of capital.

Pewdiepie's "edgy humor" serves to desensitize kids and other viewers to the dangerous prejudices he and his cohorts push. Whether it was dressing up in a nazi outfit, shouting racial slurs in a heated gaming moment (twice), or the time he hired two freelancers from India to hold a sign reading "Death To All Jews", his actions show that his humor and white supremacist ideology are one and the same. His "meme review" videos often feature content created by white supremacist users from 4chan/8chan/8kun, and often feature right-wing personalities like Ben Shapiro or Steven Crowder.

This "humor" pokes fun and punches down at leftists, anti-racists, and LGTBQ people who advocate for tolerance and the abolition of injustice. Pewdiepie is the both the funnel drawing recruits into the Intellectual Dumbass Web of America - and the man disseminating white supremacist propaganda created by it. The Pewdiepipeline introduces viewers to the next set of voices in the alt-white IDWA:

Joe Rogan, PragerU, Steven Crowder, and Ben Shapiro - The  "intellectuals" of the online IDWA

These studiously stupid Status Quo Warriors are loud, have a very large reach, and are bankrolled by shadowy figures like the Cato Institute - the mirror foundation to the Manning Center set up by the Koch Brothers. Sometimes appearing on each others channels in the form of a crossover but more often, as an ad, these dorks cater to slightly different demographics of disaffected mediocre men seeking ego reconstruction and assurance of superiority.

Canada’s Intellectual Dumbass Web of white supremacists is bigger than “Wexit”
there is no “western alienation” - only the profound alienation that lower-class whites have willingly embraced at the behest of their richer (and overwhelmingly white) bosses. - me, in a letter to myself, 5 November 2019 There is a spectre haunting white men: a spectre that tells them that they a…
also read this awesome essay on Canada's Intellectual Dumbass Web, who are part of America's

Joe Rogan, in particular, very often hosts explicit alt-white figures like Stefan Molyneux and Owen Benjamin, exposing his audience to virulent white supremacist rhetoric and calls to action. He presents them as being just another Idea in the Marketplace of Ideas, just like his other favorite guest Elon Musk (and Musk's space corporatist-fascist vision). How he chooses to platform white supremacist Ideas and not, say, anti-racist Ideas or even anti-capitalist Ideas, he never explains. Like many other recruiter-level figures of the Intellectual Dumbass Web of America, he feigns neutrality, couching his platforming as being "intellectually open" and himself as a Libertarian or Centrist. Has a large audience and appeals to mediocre white men.

(We've skipped Dave Rubin, who is pretty much Joe Rogan, but somehow even dumber and owned by Glenn Beck. Also even more keen on hanging with white supremacists. See RationalWiki's rundown:

PragerU is the well-funded propaganda channel headed by Dennis Prager, often platforming white supremacists as guests in addition to a stable of "social conservative" voices that includes former Canadian prime minister (and chair of fascist group IDU) Stephen Harper. It is the most explicitly socially conservative of the entrypoints, often posting videos that are explicitly anti-feminist, anti-social justice, anti-LGTBQ, anti-immigration, and pro-capitalism. Has written posts in defense of marital rape and thinks that being accused of rape is worse than rape itself. A frequent guest on PragerU - and also a frequent pal of Pewdiepie - is one dumbass, Ben Shapiro. Collaborated with noted white nationalist dork Owen Benjamin.

Ben Shapiro is an observant and "highly successful" Orthodox Jew who somehow is constantly at odds with Jewish thinkers in America and almost always supporting Christian theocrats. Infamous for speaking at a rapid clip in a nasal, annoying voice, Ben presents white supremacist propaganda and theory with a straight face as if it were unalterable truth (rather than the cherrypicked, often made up, racist shit that it is). Ben's the One Ring or the single chain linking all of the Online Right - he appears on PragerU's "distinguished intellectual conservative" channel, Pewdiepie's channel, Joe Rogan's "centrist" channel, Tim Pool's channel, and on it goes. Was an editor at Steve Bannon's white supremacist outlet, Breitbart - and only quit when he realized that Bannon was a misogynist in addition to white supremacist.

Steve Crowder came to the forefront of conservative personalities after trying to pick a fight with a union organizer and subsequently getting knocked flat. He learned his lesson and now sticks to harassing teenagers and freshly minted college students (and going after LGBTQ folk online) and produces the putrid Louder With Crowder channel on YouTube. Used to pal around with Joe Rogan, and often appears with other white supremacist dorks like Stefan Molyneux and Gavin McInness. Steven claims to not be a white supremacist - but he pals around with white supremacists and nazis, posts white supremacist propaganda, and has the same effect as a white supremacist, so he is a white supremacist.

What is white supremacy? - A Response to Steven Crowder
Yep, that’s a reference to the Carlos Maza situation at the end, there. YouTube needs to do better. Content warning: all the racisms. all of them Special tha...
Shaun demolishes Steven Crowder

Now, to be clear: the dorks above don't think of themselves as white supremacists, just as Normal Conservatives (who just so happen to support white supremacist institutions and hang out with white supremacists, how curious.) You'll notice this with our next set of dorks, who are more explicit about their hatred of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour and LGBTQ folk because they think it's better to be the friend of a white supremacist than the ones getting shat on by white supremacists.

Candace Owens / Yolo Minneapolis / Andy Ngo - the tokens upholding white supremacist hierarchies

Of course, white supremacists need willing accomplices to hide behind, and few are so willing as Andy Ngo, a white supremacist who worked for Quillette and palled around with white supremacist gang Patriot Prayer. Noted transphobe. Andy is fond of affecting a british accent and pretending that his status as a Gay man of Asian descent is a free pass to be a white supremacist. Andy spends much of his time shouting about "black crime" and ANTIFAAAAAA online when he isn't walking into walls or getting a milkshake bath.

Portland’s Andy Ngo Is the Most Dangerous Grifter in America
Far-right forces will converge on Portland tomorrow, incited by the right-wing provocateur Andy Ngo. Though he poses as a journalist, the purpose of his platform is to sow harassment and violence against his targets on the Left — and the mainstream media have fallen for it.
16 August, 2019 article by Aron Gupta

Like Andy, Milo Yianopolis (henceforth referred to as Yolo Minneapolis) is also a gay dude who hates trans people, black people, and people of colour. Yolo Minneapolis was very open about being a white supremacist and only ever got cancelled by Republicans for writing at length about how cool he thought pedophilia was. Currently broke and banned from seven countries, Yolo Minneapolis is currently in a sham marriage to Trump's one blind black fan to avoid deportation. Used to edit and write for Breitbart.

Candace Owens was a rising star in the alt-right until she spoke in defense of Adolf Hitler. Candace believes that black people's position at the bottom of the white supremacist hierarchy in America is just and also the result of "the Democrat plantation". As the token black, Candace's specialties were attacking Black Lives Matter, immigrants, people of colour, and feminists. A total dumbass, Candace was the cornerstone of conservative/alt-right astroturf group Turning Points USA (a group better known for wearing diapers than for critical thought). Candace is now the only friend fellow dumbass Kanye West has. Candace has called for ethnic cleansing in France because of course she would.

The New White Nationalists -  Richard Spencer and Owen Benjamin

The iron right hand of white supremacy is open white nationalists who openly affirm their belief in subjugating the insufficiently pale. These dingdongs are the radical front - the rolling bombardment of white supremacy - behind which Conservatives march towards open genocide. (America is currently at the concentration camp stage - Stage Eight of Genocide)

Richard Spencer is a literal neo-nazi most famous for getting punched in the face. President of the white nationalist clubs National Policy Institute and Washing Summit Publishers, he claims to not be a nazi, just a "supporter of identity politics for White Americans". Too bad he literally advocates ethnic cleansing and genocide, because the american media thinks he's a very dapper dresser.

Owen Benjamin is also a white supremacist, holocaust denier, and Hitler fan. Having cultivated a cult following of fans ("bears") he was a rising star in the conservative right and often guest hosted for Steven Crowder and PragerU until he went full moon-landing denier. He's tweeted threats to politicians and shooting survivors. Less openly white supremacist conservatives like him for his transphobia, his homophobia, his islamophobia, and his hatred of mixed-race people, and his pushing of the white supremacist dogma "The Great Replacement".

White Supremacist Politcians

Because White Americans love their white supremacy, Washington state elected open white supremacist and murder advocate, Matt Shea, who has formed a conspiracy with white supremacists to do a mass murder. A theocrat and total dork, he has previously been noted for calling for Jihad against non-christians.

Meet the GOP State Rep Plotting With Extremists and Preparing for a Christian Apocalypse
Matt Shea has ties to extremist groups and plotted to buy GPS trackers to follow his political rivals. But so far, he’s still in the statehouse.

You also have Steve King, a white supremacist and fan of rape. Steve King pushes the white supremacist claims of white people being erased (they're not - more white people and white-passing people are alive today than ever before) and says racist shit. And he wonders why white supremacist is a negative term.

And those are just two of the openly white supremacist politicians in America, but there are many - Republicans, by far and large - who push white supremacist policies and oppose reparations for the oppression that white america has inflicted on black folk.

Bannon, Miller, and Trump's White Supremacist House

The architects of Donald Trump's White [Supremacist] House policies are none other than the Steves: Bannon and Miller.

Steve Bannon was the brains behind Trump's ascent within the Republican party; controlling Breitbart, Bannon fanned the flames of explicit white supremacy online and platformed actual white nationalists like Yolo Minneapolis and Jason Kessler. A fan of fascism everywhere, Bannon's been spotted with fascists in Hungary. (Hmm, any surprise that he placed Sebastian Gorka, a Hungarian American, in Trump's White House?)

Stephen Miller is a white supremacist and Trump's right hand man. Miller is the single most voiciferous Trump aide calling for the erection of a wall and ethnic cleansing (sorry, "expelling illegal immigrants"). He likes to hide behind his Jewish ancestry as a shield to pretend that he is somehow not a white supremacist - but his views and actions against hispanic and black folk prove otherwise. Viciously anti-refugee and anti-muslim, it is Miller who is responsible for writing Trump's horrific speeches and implementing his policies.

The Bell Curve, Quillette, and "Race Science"

The realm of "Race Science" is essentially just the world of writing white supremacist propaganda, and it is one dominated by Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve.

In it, Murray abuses IQ test scores (which measure education level) to claim that intelligence is inherited and drives everything. Which white supremacists immediately seized on to claim that Black people were naturally dumb and destined to be the permanent underclass. (When, ya know, white people had redlined black folk, sabotaged black schools, repeatedly created food deserts in black neighbourhoods, removed school breakfast programs, destroyed food kitchens in black neighbourhoods, etc.) Unsurprisingly, it turns out that the book's "research" had been funded by the Pioneer Fund, a eugenics outfit.

These days, that banner of racism is held up by Quillette. Edited by Jon Kay, Quillette publishes a lot of white supremacist shit and only recently parted ways with Andy Ngo (after Ngo was caught conspiring and plotting a vicious attack with a white supremacist gang). Quillette calls their version of white supremacist literature "human-biodiversity"; some of their greatest shits include sharticles like "On The Reality of Race" and my favorite one, "Craiometry Isn't Phrenology" (oh but it is).

Fox News, home of the white supremacist, land of the dork

Fox News, created by rapist Roger Ailes, is a white supremacist outlet that has constantly pushed anti-black bigotry and white supremacist conspiracy theories. Featuring nitwits like Bill O'Reilly or the latest brainless blonde white supremacist Stepford Wife, it is a channel that caters to old stupid white men across america.

Tucker Carlson is the closest thing to David Duke that Fox has ever given a show. Creator of white supremacist outlet Daily Caller (which has repeatedly published neo-nazi Jason Kessler, who also contributes to Rebel Media) and total dork, Tucker has been caught saying white supremacist shit both off air and on-air. Unfortunately, little serious analysis has been written of his views, probably because he has a big dumb face that makes a constantly constipated expression. When he isn't shitting on poor people, he pretends that nonwhite immigration constitutes an invasion (by which country, ya mugwump?). He is clearly a white supremacist, and frankly, we can't write a better overview of him than Zack Beuchamp at Vox did.

Tucker Carlson’s claim that white supremacy is a “hoax” is false — but revealing
Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s own rhetoric on race shows that white supremacy is, in fact, a deadly serious problem.

Tomi Lahren is a white supremacist devoid of fashion sense, hair pigment, and intelligence. A host on Fox and frequent guest of Fox and Friends, Tomi Lahren replaced Megyn Kelly as The Loud One on the network, pushing white supremacist talking points on race and christening Black Lives Matters as "the new KKK". Somehow she thinks she isn't a racist, having disavowed the alt-right. (She still pushes white supremacist talking points, though)

Dishonorable Mentions

Joe Ricketts, a far-right billionaire who bought his son a place in the Trump administration and spent millions trying to unseat Barack Obama. He supported Andrew Breitbart / Steve Bannon's efforts to undermine ACORN and encouraged voter suppression. He is, somehow, a rich man who understands nothing. (Unlike Trump, who is a fraudster who understands nothing.)

Sinclair Broadcast Group is somehow even more supportive of Trump's white supremacist house than even Fox, often interrupting their own programs to air their latest stupid rant on behalf of Trump.

In Closing

White Supremacism is as old as the United States of America, and still has a huge hold on America today. With nearly every single Republican politician either speaking white supremacist ideas or voting for white supremacist policies, White Supremacy is Social Conservativism in America.

White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots
A long-overdue excavation of the book that Hitler called his “bible,” and the man who wrote it

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash