Recently, food discourse has centered around whether habeneros were the best pepper (they're not) and whether mayonnaise and vinegar should go on fries (you do you, I'd rather use seasoning salt). But I think we're all forgetting about one crucial, universal truth: Mustard is the best condiment.

Incredibly inexpensive and versatile, you know it's summer when you start tasting mustard. Mustard in salads - potato salads, macaroni salads, rice salads, casseroles (yes, they're salads, don't @ me). Hell, there are even soups that call for mustard. Just a tiny dollop makes even the poorest of dishes into a delicious, tangy delight.

My siblings do not agree.

They were ketchup fans, those heretics. They disgustingly drowned every dish in ketchup. Macaroni? KETCHUP. Pancakes? KETCHUP. Lasagna? KETCHUP. That flavorless, sugary substance of rancous redness took (what felt like) hours to clean every night.

The superiority of Mustard is easy to demonstrate: if you have only bread to eat, you can top it with many things - marmalades, cheeses, meats, leafy greens, vegetables, tomatoes, and of course, mustard.  And you do not have to use much for it to be delicious (though you can certainly spread much if that's your thing) - a quick circular pattern enlightens every toas

Yes. Mustard is the best condiment, of this I am certain. I am right and my siblings are wrong.

Photo by Han Lahandoe on Unsplash