Today has been a very bad, no-good day for the "unnamed spokesman" and supreme stupidity, Paul "The Vulture" Maidment. Brought by Jim "The Herb" Spanfeller to act as Jim's second in command, Paul has had a baptism by fire as he desperately hunts-and-pecks on his keyboard.

Zombie posts, which Paul altered, and reset the post date on, but which remains attributed to the original author (who posted years ago) litter the front page in an effort to appear "fresh". Paul can't seem to keep his stupid burners straight and has posted plagiarized stories or terrible fanfic under no less than three alts

Yesterday, Paul was posturing, pretending that everything was a-OK and that he wasn't dumped, but the dumper. (Nobody bought it). Today, the lie has been laid bare; the site has dropped ovfer 140 Alexa ranking slots overnight - and search traffic  is now half of nearest competitor/overlap, The Ringer.

Paul's posts have less than one twentieth the traffic of the infamous Herb Post.

only 4 thousand views

a screenshot of the herb post taken about four hours before it was pulled:


The Herb post is documented in a hilarious article at Slate. We didn't expect a sequel to be needed so soon.

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