It's not easy being green, the wise poet Kermit mourned. It's definitely not easy being a green-grubber: Jordan B Peterson's year so far has been the equivalent of tripping, falling face first into doggy doodoo, and slip-sliding into a herd of charging kindergartners. Freshly sprung from an addictions center, Jordan B has slipped right back into the saddle of Canada's Dumbest Intellectual.

But enough about his dumbass all-meat diet and his grifty family. We're here today to think in a spot. A spot where you can think. Yes, a pot for thinks.  A thinks pot. Not to be confused with a kinkspot, oh no no no. Kinkspots are for kinksters, and kinksters threaten the very social foundations of our moral fabric (according to JBP, lord of lobsters). A pot so you can think.

Some Thinks By A Cracked Pot

And oh, the thinks he's had, like his recent think on twitter where he retweeted a post by far-right The Post Millennial complaining that a homophobic student got suspended for posting homophobic shit on walls. The Post Millennial seems to be his favorite publication next to Quillette, probably because it employs white nationalists and the husbands of white nationalists.  Like the author of the sharticle he shared.

a True Intellectual(TM) casually sharing a far-right anti-feminist post that calls for women to have a shit ton of children, quit careers, and find a Real Man(TM), originally published on his bud Benny Shitperson's site

But he's been this way for a while.

Incels embrace Jordan Peterson after he calls for “enforced monogamy”
By David Futrelle The “involuntary celibates” who congregate on the forum have previously celebrated such lovely fellows as Toronto van killer Alek Minassian, a self-described…
The Majority Report chronicles Jordan Peterson’s increasingly bananas comments about women
By David Futrelle I ran across this Tweet this morning from an intrepid Jordan Peterson debunker on Twitter and, well, it’s pretty much spot on:

Half-Baked: The essence of Thinks Pot

Thinks Pot was originally going to be a twitter-like site with a minimum of 500 words per post, with little other features (but all the Freeze Peach ❄️🍑 ). Then it was going to be a reddit-clone for conservatives, complete with downvoting and comments being hidden. Then, as Jordan B fell in the great grifter race, it morphed into a shitty patreon clone that only platforms lobsters (and ONE token liberal, David Pakman) and hides posts behind paywalls. It was supposed to launch back in September, but when his first batch of Betas (users, that is) turned out to be intellectual dork web members like Rave Dubin and white nationalist like Carl Benjamin

The Intellectual Dumbass Web of America is so very dumb
The Intellectual Dumbass Web of America (pronounced eye-oh-wah, abbreviated IDWA) is the proud heir to a long white American tradition of being complete and utterly irredeemable shitsacks. From governors to self-styled U channels on YouTube, the IDWA has massive institutional power and the willingne…
Rave Dubin's role in the IDWoA is detailed in this beautiful overview

So when Thinks Pot finally launched, nobody noticed.

Well, nobody except for white nationalist and sex pest J-F G, who was part of the new Thinks Pot Beta Test.

When Thinks Pot finally goes public, it will require an annual subscription fee to register an account, followed by individual annual subscription fees to see blog posts from each individual far-right creator. (Peterson already sells weekly skype call access, individual skype calls, "self-help books", "self-authoring journals", and all other sorts of grifty shit)

what do these dorks have in common? (they're white, right wing, dorks)
thinks pot: you can give to these dorks, but you can't get paid for posting
yes, his stupid reddit clone will be returning
when noted white nationalist and sex pest J-F G dunks on Peterson, you know it bad