After allegedly stealing the Alberta United Conservative Party leadership by setting up a "kamikaze candidate" and weird vote-by-internet primary shenanigans that allegedly involved voters that didn't exist, using VPNs to register hundreds of people at singular vote-at-home primary stations , and people whose names appeared on the list of UCP members without their consent or joining, Jason Kenney has decided to go full Petro-Banana Republic and just not do a democracy any more.

Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and Jason Kenney of UCP, two noted herbs

In recent weeks he's ejected opposition legislators, ordered his party legislators to wear earplugs during opposition speeches and question periods, fired the election commissioner while an investigation was ongoing into Kenney's well documented alleged leadership race shenanigans, and that's just the past month.

Kenney's crusade against decency extends to his cancellation of hospital projects, his attacks against Gay-Straight Alliances (in the most religious & homophobic area next to Alabama), the creation of a lower wage for "youth", stoking separatism over "equalization" formulas he wrote (read: federal income tax funds being sent to provinces), his support of white supremacists, his courting of the religious right.

Because the corruption is never complete without graft, Kenney gave a combination of taxpayer money, tax holidays, and tax credits valued over 4.7 billion to oil companies, one of whom promptly left Alberta. The resulting chaos cost 27,000 jobs. Then, Kenney started to call for separatist referendums like a big dumb dummy.

Like a total herb, Kenney plans to "balance the budget"... by kicking 46,000 Albertan seniors off the seniors pharmacare plan, cutting support for disabled folk, cutting education funding, cutting health care funding, slashing housing and rental support, and cutting funding for rural police.

Kenney thinks he can "create" jobs by giving money to rich people and slashing youth wages. But an economy built on overworked teens and multiple McDonald's franchises is an economy that cannot stand.

Do not think that #Wexit and White Supremacy is just a Jason Kenney thing: it's a Conservative thing, same as slashing jobs and giving money to rich people. It's the Shock Doctrine in action, and it's happening right here in the so-called First World.

Like federal Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer, Jason Kenney is propped up by the Intentionally Dumbass Web of Canada.

But as long as someone else gets hurt worse, White Albertans will keep voting for Jason Kenney dumbassery.