The sensual caress of cream on the tongue. The hint of butter. A squint of salt. The savoury of flesh. The lingering lightness. The solid of crust gives way to chewiness. Melting in your mouth. A portable pasta in every slow movement.  It's a sonata in food form; it ignites the mind with every breath.

Chicken Alfredo Pizza is the absolute best pizza.

It would be foolish to argue otherwise.

Only a scant few pizzas are good warm, even fewer good cold. Pizza is often misused as a delivery mechanism for sloppy meats, burnt cheese, and overly tanged marinara. Pizza, then is usually a sham.

Chicken Alfredo Pizza is the apothesis of pizza as an artform. It's the perfect blend of cheese (feta or parmesan). Delicious hot or cold. It's a pasta in slice form. A sculpture of bliss, but edible. And I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

It is strange that pizza parlour menus are dominated by 99 variations of your usual marinara and burnt cheddar. Almost like a conspiracy. The only way to reliably get Chicken Alfredo Pizzas from a parlor is to custom order it.

I definitely didn't just put in a second order for it from Dominos.  I definitely didn't.

If you'll excuse me, that's the doorbell.

Photo Credit: unsplash-logoDayne Topkin