there is no "western alienation"  - only the profound alienation that lower-class whites have willingly embraced at the behest of their richer (and overwhelmingly white) bosses.
- me, in a letter to myself, 5 November 2019

There is a spectre haunting white men: a spectre that tells them that they are mediocre, that the structures they have built will crush them, and that the world is profoundly unjust. A spectre that one dumb-ass calls Cultural Marxism.

Canada's Intellectual Dumbass Web

Not everything is all right in Canada; far from being the land of poutine and peace, it's one wracked with dumb-asses who are ready to burn the country down to enact white nationalism. They won't explicitly admit it - well, other than the "Wexit" dumbasses and Stefan Molyneux (the bad one). They span the country, but sport the same mindset: that white men were created superior and that the "natural order" of white men reigning over all must be preserved.

They have funding from a variety of sources, for the most part, institutional. But some of them instead draw funding and power from literal cults, or cults of personality. They all claim - at the same time - to be the voice of the mainstream and yet a persecuted minority for speaking truth ("white people are being replaced and the natural order upended") to power, despite acting in the interests of institutional power. They aren't all WASPs, but they're all white. Some explicitly claim the old union jack and proudly proclaim themselves "Old Stock Canadian". (Tell that to the First Nations, you bellends.)

In a way, they're right: they are part of an old order, one that spans back to the founding of Canada, and to the very white men who ran it. White-ass perpetual day drunk and total asshole John A MacDonald once ranted about "the Aryan character of British America" and engaged in a campaign of violence and open genocide against the First Nations.

Under MacDonald, Canada was an explicitly white supremacist country; MacDonald's cabinet introduced legislation that barred people of Chinese descent from voting or holding citizenship. While it was ultimately shot down by the Senate in 1886 - one of the few bills in history to be vetoed in that manner - the idea did not disappear. As MacDonald's cronies and conspirators carried out genocide on the plains, the idea would re-emerge at the dawn of the 20th century, stripping First Nations of voting rights and extending these bans to India, China, Japan, the Inuit, and the Metis nation.

It is MacDonald's ideals, this "historic truth" that the Intellectual Dumbass Web holds as evident. They believe that society is entering a rapid decay and that the only way to return to prosperity (for white men) is to reset the clock to MacDonald's government.

Is it a coincidence that MacDonald's party was named the Conservative Party?


Social Conservatism is white supremacy

File:Andrew Scheer 2019 (3x4 cropped).jpg
the face of the Conservative Party (source: Wikimedia Commons)

Early in 2019, Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer made headlines by attending a white supremacist - sorry, "economically anxious" - rally of people who just so happened to also be white nationalists. He even delivered a speech at the rally - as did actual Nazi, Faith Goldy. (Faith Goldy's bid for mayor garned under 5,000 votes, but plenty of notoriety on anti-racist blogs)

People in Canada were not surprised. The previous Conservative leader - former Prime Minister Stephen Harper - had often spoken of "Old Stock Canadians".

Social Conservativism has once again became explicit white supremacism. The quiet is starting to be said out loud by Conservative party members - and although Scheer sacrificed Caylan Ford, a fellow white supremacist - Scheer nonetheless appeared with and continues to support white supremacists online. (Caylan Ford recently appeared at event with another white nationalist and a TERF, which resulted in hundreds of anti-racist protestors being locked inside a library overnight)

Social Conservativism in Canada is comprised of the following doctrines: white nationalism, anti-welfare, anti-choice, anti-education, anti-feminism, and anti-LGTBQ.

The Manning Connection

It was Preston Manning, son of former Alberta Premier Ernest Manning, who was responsible for the rise of Harper and the subsequent return of white supremacy as modern Conservative Party voter base.

His Reform Party opposed immigration, gay and lesbian marriage, called for a return of capital punishment. It naturally attracted racists and fire-and-brimstone evangelicals. When the racists got too loud, Manning would boot them - it was party doctrine to call for "limited immigration" (code: next to zero, white only) but explicitly shouting for white supremacy was a no-no. It was in this environment that Preston Manning tutored his protege, Stephen Harper. It was Preston Manning who architected the merger of his social conservative Reform Party and the Progressive Conservative party.

Like son, like father. Ernest Manning - the grand-daddy of modern social conservativism - was a theocrat who held a weekly radio program in which he preached, prayed, and announced provincial government policy. The social order of Alberta was God's Will, and Albertans - well, the white ones - were his chosen people. (Aberhart, his predecessor in office and mentor, believed that white British people were the real lost tribes of Israel and that Jewish people were imposters). It was an alluring message, one that saw him hold power for an astonishing twenty five years.

So some white dorks named a town after him.

It was in Manning, Alberta, that today's prophet of social conservativism was born: Jordan Bernt Peterson. The son of a fire-and-brimstone preacher, Jordan B went on to write inscrutable books and dwelled in obscurity until he went on a anti-trans tirade one fateful day in 2015. Attracting the attention of bozos and incels everywhere, Jordan B quickly set up tours, virtual sermons posted to his youtube channel, and "self-help" books that aimed to radicalize young men into social conservativism.

Jordan B Peterson, and the alt-white pipeline

File:Jordan Peterson by Gage Skidmore.jpg
what a herb (photo; Wikimedia Commons, by Gage Skidmore)

Jordan B blames feminism, political correctness, and "Cultural Marxism" (read: social justice movements like Black Lives Matters) for the economic and social malaise his young male readers find themselves in. Jordan B, in his book, tells his readers to clean their room and work out. Jordan B, in his sermons, tells his readers that women and social justice are the problem. In his lectures, online courses, and blog posts, Jordan B calls for a return to the old order and exhorts his followers to action.

"Cultural Marxism" aka "Cultural Bolshevism" was an old Nazi propaganda / conspiracy theory that held that communists were plotting to overthrow the social order by turning everyone gay and feminist and institute a state where everyone found their needs taken care of. Through art, no less.

How curious.

Jordan B says he isn't a nazi, he just thinks that Canada's fundamental nature has changed and is worried about Muslim people. He isn't a Nazi, he says, he's just worried about communists and worried about this recent trend of anti-racism. He isn't a Nazi, he says, because he doesn't preach violence. (Except he repeatedly has tried to pick fights, and once wrote that he wanted to hurt a random kindergartner)

Once you start watching Jordan B on YouTube, it isn't long until The Algorithm recommends someone preaching even more explicit white supremacist ideals: cult-leader and serial creep Stefan Molyneux.

Now, Stefan Molyneux isn't a Nazi, he says. He doesn't hate Jews. He just wants everyone not-white out of Canada. And thinks that the "welfare state" should be dismantled. And has called for "peaceful ethnic cleansing". In true cult leader fashion, he advocates his followers to disconnect from outside society and to connect only with each other. Economic prosperity will return, he says, when a white nation is restored.

RationalWiki has an astonishing profile on this total butt boil of a man. You should read it:

Naturally, his complete shittiness is intersectional: like other social conservatives, Stefan Molyneux hates feminists, shits on trans people, and has been retweeted by Donald Trump Jr, hung out with fellow conservative dumb-ass Joe Rogan, and routinely appears in videos with Mike Cernovich.

Media Matters has a full run-down of him here:

Not OK: The Canadian White Supremacists In Media

Canada's white supremacists have a coalition of supporters in media, some of whom are avid white supremacists themselves.

Take, for example, Jonathan "Jon" Kay, editor of Quillette. Before joining the phrenology-pushing magazine that infamously claims that IQ is based in race (so the existing white supremacist social order is totally OK, y'all) his dumb-ass self was the editor of The Walrus. He left The Walrus after getting called out for supporting another white supremacist / "race realist" pushing race-based dogmas, Ricardo Duchesne.

And who could forget the man who created Faith "Globalism is a Jewish Plot" Goldy, Laura Loomer, Lauren Southern, Gavin "Proud Boy McInnes, Keean "Rhodesia Forever" Bexte, and many other nazis? The same man, the darling star of the Sun Media corporation, the centerpiece of Sun Media's push into television, the king of western canadian editorials (because his bosses owned all the papers, literally)? A man named... Ezra Levant, creator of Rebel Media.

It was Ezra Levant who pushed white supremacists to the forefront of Canadian discourse - by hiring them to run his media company. It was Ezra who first rushed to the defense of Jordan B. It was Ezra who boosted the popularity of the [white] People's Party and its leader, Maxime Bernier. It was Ezra who pushed "Wexit" - and its previous incarnation, the [white] "Yellow Vests Canada".

Sun Media's parent company, Post Media, owns 70% of all newspapers and periodicals in Canada. Ezra Levant was their darling star, and continues to exercise influence over Sun Media editorial policy and content.

Another Post Media personality is Sue-Ann Levy - an anti-feminist who happens to be Lesbian and also Jewish, like fellow Post Media personality Barbara Kay (mother of Jon Kay). Like Ezra, Sue-Ann retweets white supremacists and pushes white supremacist talking points in her weekly podcast, columns, and tweets.
She even wrote a column defending white supremacist group PEGIDA, pretending that they were just "concerned citizens" "outnumbered by a vicious mob".

In the west, Danielle Smith, a radio personality and blogger - and the former leader of disbanded Wild Rose Party - pushes white supremacist propaganda and gave airtime to white supremacist Caylan Ford. She too pushes the "Wexit" narrative of poor old Alberta being overrun and bled dry.

The [White] People's Party: Media Darling, Complete Flop

another herb (source: Wikimedia Commons, by Parti conservateur du Québec)

The 2019 43rd Canada Parliamentary election campaign was one marked with white supremacists - both in the Conservative Party, and those who built their own party (without blackjack and hookers). That party being the [white] People's Party of Canada - a Party that stole its logo elements from the old Reform Party logo and its colors from the (very good and anti-racist) Pirate Party. (We suspect they stole these because white people have no culture)

Maxime Bernier, its leader, formed it after narrowly losing the Conservative Party leadership race to Andrew Scheer. A vocal opponent of immigration, Maxime became a darling of white supremacists, who quickly filled his party ranks. Indeed, neo-nazis rounded out the list of his initial party signatories. Given immediate air-time and coverage on all Post Media properties, he had a megaphone that attracted every white supremacist in Canada. At every single event, neo-nazis and white nationalists made up the crowd. And when he couldn't find any locally, he brought his own.

The [white] People's Party campaigned on "reducing immigration to sensible levels" (a twitter poll created by Maxime Bernier had an overwhelming majority calling for zero immigration) and "preserving the national culture". They deployed candidates in every single riding. At "Yellow Vest" white supremacist rallies, Maxime Bernier and his local riding candidate could be easily spotted by their herb-like faces.

Maxime Bernier explicitly appealed to fellow herbs and white supremacists - well, to the 69% of Conservative Party voters. (His math was off). And at one point, had a neo-nazi convicted of a brutal assault on his team, because of course he did.

Naturally, like Jordan B, Maxime Bernier played the "you just call all your opponents white supremacists" card. (He's right - anti-racists oppose racism and call out white supremacists, like him)

If a person hires neo-nazis, hangs out with neo-nazis, and is endorsed by neo-nazis, and writes like neo-nazis, that person is a neo-nazi.

But hey, it's not like the Conservative Party he split from is any less white supremacist.

"Yellow Vests" / "Wexit – White Supremacist Dorks

We've written about these dorks before at great length, but for sake of completion, we'll run through this one more time.

The folks at the Anti-Racist Network of Canada have been keeping an eye on the dorks comprising the "Wexit" group. Those dorks are:

Pat King, a white supremacist and organizer of the "Yellow Vest Official Convoy" / white supremacist rally attended by CPC Leader Andrew Scheer, also Faith Goldy the neo-nazi (like Scheer, Goldy is a "tradcath"). Wears neo-nazi symbols on his truck, spreads white supremacist conspiracy theories on twitter.

Peter Downing, former candidate of the Christian Heritage Party (a white supremacist party), sacked from the RCMP for uttering threats, once threatened to throw his wife out a window,  and current leader of white supremacist group Prairie Freedom Movement. Twitter besties with Pat King.

and together they run the "Wexit" groups on facebook.

#UnitedWeRoll Is About White Supremacy, Stupid
it’s only about #buildthepipeline if you manage to look past all the white supremacy, anti-semitism, violence, ethnocide, and imperialism.

The "Wexit" dorks are calling for Alberta to separate from Canada to form a new white homeland, and are stupid enough to think they can force BC, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan to join them in their attempt to recreate the Confederate States of America. It is, as we've written before, a supremely dumb idea.

Not content with threatening separation, these dorks have also threatened a civil war on many occasions. At rallies. On facebook. On youtube. On twitter. On billboards. Because nothing says adequate man like murdering your neighbours for not being white enough.

Key Takeaways

• 70% of Canada is owned by Post Media, who carries water for white supremacists
• Jordan B Peterson is the favorite "intellectual" of white supremacists in Canada
• The Conservative Party is riddled with white supremacists
• Wexit is a dumb, bad, no good idea by white supremacists

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