The Winnipeg Police Service is a local detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; like an occupying army, they feed off the local community and divert valuable resources to themselves, while doing little for the people of the city. It's even worse in the Canadian context.

The province of Manitoba was only recognized after a rebellion by Louis Riel and the Metis Nation at Red River. But when Riel (and Dumont, and the five nations from what is now Treaty Six) organized and demanded recognition for other nations and bands, the RCMP - then the North-West Mounted Police - marched in an brutally broke the uprising, forever occupying the prairies ever since.

A Redcoat is not a symbol of safety; it is the symbol of imperial colonialism. The Winnipeg Police Suck. All Cops Are Bastards.

take it from ThoughtSlime, a settler: